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Over the last few weeks Sidmouth has been awash with excitement and there has been a buzz in the air; Is it the bees signalling the start of summer? Is it the holiday makers enjoying the Easter sunshine? I’m afraid not. As exciting as all that might be, the real talk of the town recently has of course been the filming of the new musical “Melody” , starring amongst others; Helen Baxendale and Joan Collins – Ahem "Dame Joan Collins”, as a friend of mine was recently corrected. Quite right!

It all started with an advert for extras from the local area, rumours were rife as to potential stars that would be descending upon Sidmouth and low and behold a short time after the little pink signs started appearing all over the town, ensuring we all knew where the day’s filming would be taking place. Not that the crews seemed to mind – I hear on the grapevine they were very friendly and welcomed the local excitement (although they did refuse to give away any of the secrets about the film!).

Making the most of their on location filming, lots of local hot spots were chosen from Jacobs Ladder all the way to Salcombe Regis church - championing some of the area's most idyllic spots and showcasing Sidmouth, and East Devon generally to the world of Hollywood.

While some local businesses were so involved in the filming that their proprietors were invited to the screening for the rest of us we will have to delay our enjoyment until Melody comes to the Radway, where I expect opening night will be booked well in advance. I for one will be there spying out for Sidmouths’ favourite spots and scanning the credits for friends while raising a glass to Sidmouth in anticipation of the next film crew who are sure to turn up; Personally, I’m hoping for Ewan Mcgreggor.