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Barbara and Thomas Gliddon were astounded when for a week in April they received daily deliveries of food to their home on Winslade Road.

Are you the Sidmouth Mystery Shopper?

Filled with a variety of items from hot sausage rolls and pasties to tins of beans and condensed milk, the Gliddon's were flummoxed as to where the carrier bags filled with food were coming from, saying to the Sidmouth Herald "We have no idea who this is. We don’t know where they’re coming from or why they’d do it. The deliveries are coming at any time of day."

With the mystery shopper resuming deliveries in the second weekend of June, the only sighting is of an older man. It is believed that the mystery shopper is someone with dementia who remembers delivering food to the address in his youth.

A receipt with every delivery, the mystery shopper has been buying items throughout Sidmouth, including Lidl, Co-op and Shauls Bakery. "He’s been all over town and he’s even paying for plastic bags!"

With the deliveries reported to the police, the Gliddons said "They’re looking at the receipts to try to work out who it is. I spoke to the neighbours and one saw an old boy go away but wasn’t really sure; says he went down the road. He could have gone anywhere."

“One time we got seven big bags of potatoes. The police said we could eat them.”

The mysterious shopper has also delivered good to the Gliddon's next-door neighbour. The tinned goods received have been donated to the Sid Valley Food Bank.

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