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Ronald Coles lived in Sidmouth at 22 All Saints Road. Joined the R.A.F in the war. Met and married a girl from Huddersfeield, where they then settled. Married at Sidmouth Parish Church, they came to Devon every year.

Ronald Coles died in May 2017, ages 93.

Does anyone know the names of the other three young men seen here with Ronald Coles(Second From left)?

If so please get in touch.

Images and information courtesy of Julienne Atkinson.

Two boys at the back of 22 All Saints Road: Ronald Coles and Frank Braisbury. Very smart in school uniforms.
Sidmouth Prom, Ronald Coles by the boat.
Two boys walking: No.1 Eric Harding and No2 Ronald Coles.
Three Boys Stood. No1 Frank Braisbury, No.2 Eric Harding, No.3 Ronald Coles