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The Red Arrows are coming to Sidmouth.

On the 25th August 2017, Sidmouth was visited by some of the RAF’s finest. As part of Sidmouths’ Regatta weekend the famous Red Arrows display team returned to give a nail-biting display of high-octane aerobatics. They were due to arrive around 6:30 (well let’s face it, this was the RAF, not me meeting my friends in the pub so we expected them at exactly 6:30; ) they did not disappoint, the show was an extravaganza not to be missed.

For the first time, the Town Council also booked a warm up act; and what an act it was. To commemorate the Battle of Britain at 5:50 there was a display by some of the icons of World War II. Known as the BBMF (Battle of Britain Memorial Flight); the team flew two Spitfires and a Lancaster Bomber.

Although perhaps the most famous fighter plan of the war, Spitfires were fewer in number than other aircraft, including the Hurricane; however due to their speed and manoeuvrability the spitfire achieved a greater victory-to-loss ratio and became a hero in it’s own right, with pilots achieving equal status to movie stars and musicians of the day. The spitfire’s main job was to protect the bombers on their raids across the channel, but was also used (according to Wikipedia) for photo-recon.

Also, they just look pretty cool and one can imagine the fear of an incoming raid abated as the Spitfire flew into view overhead. People would come out of their houses to watch the dog-fights; it’s no wonder it has lived on throughout the years.

It is set to be a great start to the bank holiday weekend and the Sidmouth Regatta will also see a selection of sea based activities, music and a spectacular fireworks display. Sunday also has a range of family activities with rainy contingencies in place for the drawing and fancy dress competitions.

So come for the Arrows, stay for the nautical adventures and finish your summer holidays on a high, remember; ‘Winter is Coming’.