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33. Cedar Shade Formerly Belle Vue

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Cedar Shade Formerly Belle Vue Cedar Shade Formerly Belle Vue

Plaque description

From 1833 to 1835 Elizabeth Barrett Browning lived here with her family. She formed a romantic attachment to George Hunter, the Congregational Minister. In 1835 the family removed to Wimpole St. and in 1846 she married the poet, Robert Browning.

Where is this plaque located?

Walking out of the Woodlands Hotel cross back over the road (the pinch point area) and turn left to walk down All Saints Road. Continue down here and half way down on the left is Cedar Shade Formerly Belle Vue. The plaque is on the front wall by the main gate.

The final plaque is located Back at the Toll House.

To get back to the Byes Toll House you need to walk to the bottom of All Saints Road. At the roundabout turn left towards the Radway Cinema and oposite that turn right back into Salcombe Road. The Toll House is at the end over the bridge.