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8. Tudor Cottage Western Town

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Tudor Cottage Tudor Cottage

Plaque description

This historic building lies within the Manor of Sidmouth, seized by William the Conqueror, from Gytha, King Harolds mother & gifted 1067 to The Abbey of Mt. St. Michel Normandy Re-possessed by Henry V & given 22nd Feb. 1415 to Syon Abbey Middx. This medieval building became a Church House. Confiscated by Henry V111 1540 at the Dissolulion. Used as a Manorial Court House. Sold to Sir Edward Prideaux Bt. J.P.1623. The house remained in the Manor until 1919. In 1972 a fine Elizabethan Screen was discovered and restored.

Where is this plaque located?

From the Kingswood Hotel plaque you will need to walk along the pavement to a small road on the right called Chapel Road. Follow this road around until you come to the United Refored Church on the right. The Plaque is located on the Tudor Cottage opposite the church.

The next plaque is located at The Market Square.