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21. Belmont

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The Belmont Hotel The Belmont Hotel

Plaque description

Near this gateway stood a small for with armoury and flag staff, dating from mid 17thc., but demolished after Battle of Waterloo 1815. Gateway belonged to "Belmont", a crenellated Regency House with large walled garden. BNuilt 1817 by Maj. Barnes. Sold 1818 to Sir Joseph Scott BT., 1752 - 1828, who on retirement from politics became active in development of Regency Sidmouth. 1869 acquired by William Hine-Haycock. A member of M.C.C., he did much to promote development of Cricket Club. Became home of Mr & Mrs Wood 1896. A man of wealth and benefactor of Sidmouth, he gave town its first steam fire engine and, as a memorial to his wife, presented Church House to the Church and its land to the Town. He died 1908 aged 90. Converted to Hotel 1920.

Where is this plaque located?

From the Bedford Hotel cross safely to the Esplanade. Walk towards the western end of the sea front until you are nearly at the end of the Esplanade. On the right hand side you will see a 'fort like gate' with the plaque hanging on the front wall to the left of the gate.

The next plaque is located at The Pill Box in Connaught Gardens.