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3. Sidmouth Lifeboat Station

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Sidmouth Lifeboat Station Sidmouth Lifeboat Station

Plaque description

Occupied this site 1869-1912 during which time 38 lives were saved. The Station was served by the boats "Rimington" 1869-85 and "William and Frances" 1885-1912. On 23rd May 1881 "Rimington" brought T.R.H. the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh ashore after their pinnace from H.M.S. Lively nearly capsized. Original doorcase only survives adjoining.

Where is this plaque located?

Walking back across Alma Bridge turn left and onto the sea front. Follow the Esplanade around a little way and you will see the Sidmouth Lifeboat Station on the Right across the road. The plaque is not actually located on the Lifeboat building itself but on the adjacent building called Trinity House (sea front apartments). The plaque hangs next to a door with R.N.L.I above it.

The next plaque is located at The Royal York and Faulkner Hotel.