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15. No 4 Coburg Terrace

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No 4 Coburg Terrace No 4 Coburg Terrace

Plaque description

Peter Orlando Hutchinson 1810-1897, Historian, Antiquarian, Author and Watercolourist lived here 1825 1866 when he moved next door to the Old Chancel which he built using reclaimed Church materials. His 5-volume History of Sidmouth detailed the town's development. His father, a physician had leased this house, built c1820, from Sir John Kennaway who had acquired the land through marriage to Miss Amyatt.

P.O.H's great grandfather was the last British Governor of Massachusetts and fled the War of independence in 1776.

Where is this plaque located?

To get to this plaque from May Cottage you will need to head into Blackmore Gardens. As you enter Blackmore Gardens do not turn off from the path. You will come across a gate on the right where the path splits off past the Sidmouth Bowling Club. Follow this path along past the rear of the Old Chancel and the plaque can be found at the end of the path immediately at the gate.

Whilst walking from May Cottage to Coburg Terrace you can take advantage of Blackmore Gardens and the grounds.

The next plaque is located at Sidmouth Museum - Stephen Reynolds.