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23. Clock Tower

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The Clock Tower The Clock Tower

Plaque description

An 18th C. lime kiln stood on cliff top at Jacob's Ladder th chalk brought by boat and carried up on donkeys. Changes in agriculture brought its decline. Later incorporated into grounds - of "Sea View". Formed foundations of pseudo-fort with clocktower, lookout, and boathouse complete with boat on davits.

Where is this plaque located?

From the Pill Box you can walk through the first arch and along towards Jacobs Ladder. Turn left through the iconic gateway view (used on the Welcome to Sidmouth signs) and then up to the right by the Clock Tower Restaurant. Follow the path around slightly and through another small arch and the plaque is located in front of you.

Alternatively from the Pill Box you can take a step free route through the first part of the gardens and then walk up a small slope into another section of the gardens (clock tower restaurant). Carry on forward and out to a path to the extent of the gardens. Turn left and you will see the plaque in front of you.

The next plaque is located at Connaught Gardens.