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24. Connaught Gardens

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Connaught Gardens Connaught Gardens

Plaque description

Originally gardens of Cliff Cottage c.1820 Birthplace in 1834 of Constance Emily Kent, who aged 16 was imprisoned for 20 years for murder of baby stepbrother in revenge for father's marriage to governess. On release she emigrated to Melbourne, becoming famous for her nursing work and a celebrated centenarian. The house, much altered, renamed "Sea View" and near derelict by 1930 was purchased by Sidmouth U.D.C. for £3,500 and demolished.

Where is this plaque located?

From the Clock Tower plaque walk along the path away from the Tower and keep going until you reach a shelter. Walk through the center of the shelter and through the gardens straight ahead. As you walk through the gate into the next part of the gardens the plaque is behind you on the left on a brick pillar.

Using the step free route come back along the way you came turning left and back out into the first part of the gardens. turn right and follow round to the right again and into another area. The plaque is visible straight ahead on a brick pillar.

The next plaque is located at Rock Cottage.