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19. Fortfield Cricket Pavilion

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Fortfield Cricket Pavilion Fortfield Cricket Pavilion

Plaque description

Field named after gun emplacement overlooking sea: demolished after Napoleonic Wars. A regiment of troops was garrisoned on the Field early in the War. Cricket first played here in 1823 and first "Cricket House" erected in 1827. A meeting in the Pavilion following a match between the Gentlemen of Devon and the Gentlemen of Somerset in August 1875 resulted in the formation of Somerset County Cricket Club. Present Pavilion dates from 1880's.

Where is this plaque located?

From Fortfield Terrace you can enter into the Cricket Grounds via a gate at the end of the road. Walk towards the Cricket Pavilion and the plaque is located on the side of the building.

The next plaque is located at The Bedford Hotel.