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18. Fortfield Terrace

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Fortfield Terrace Fortfield Terrace

Plaque description

Built 1790 - 94 on Manor land by Polish architect and speculative builder, Michael Novosielski, who died beofre its completion. From 24th June to 24th August 1831 Grand Duchess Helena of Russia, Sister-in-law of the Czar, rented No. 8 for herself and No. 7 for her enterage. Visit commemorated by double - headded eagle, symbol of Imperial Russia, on central pediment. In 1832 the father of Elizabeth Barrett Browning with his family rented No. 8 for a year.

Where is this plaque located?

From Number One carry on along Fortfield Terrace to the next plaque.

The next plaque is located at Fortfield Cricket Pavilion.