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12. No 3 High Street (Now number 10)

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No 3 High Street (Now number 10) No 3 High Street (Now number 10)

Plaque description

From 1849-92, this early Victorian house was home to Harriet (1812-92) and Samuel Chick 11 (1811-80), son of Abigail and Samuel Chick 1 of Berry Barton, Branscombe. Abigail's business acumen transformed cottage lace industry of Beer and Branscombe, just as her son's business was to open up nationwide market to lace makers of Sid Valley. Materials supplied and completed "sprigs" were returned for making up in rear upstairs workroom. Sent to London and sold by their son, Samuel Chick 111 from 5, Newman St., as "Honiton" lace (reputation gained in late 18th c. for marketing of East Devon lace). Harriet died after 47 years in lace trade which was in decline due to changing fashions.

Where is this plaque located?

Continue to the end of Old Fore Street and enter into the mainHigh Street. Cross over the road and you will see Number 3 High Street opposite you. The plaque sits on front of the building facing into the High Street.

The next plaque is located at The Old Meeting near the top of town.